The 30 Day Challenge- Twas the Night Before

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

For sometime now I have contended that I am a better person when my blood has sufficient levels of caffeine in it. I have also stated that my quality of life is much greater when I have a glass of wine (or 5 depending on how good the wine is), but I have started to notice that my gut is getting bigger while my wallet is getting smaller. My aches are more pronounced while my attention span is dwindling (wasn’t big to begin with). My knees and joints hurt, I ingest at least 2 extra strength advils a day and feel fatigued by 9pm. If these are indicators, and they are, that my current approach to quality of life is not working, then I have to make some changes.

My wife loves reading all things related to nutrition and healthy eating. She is also steps away from being a certified personal trainer, so with her at my side and acting as partner and coach I am embarking on 30 days of balanced eating and exercise based.

We will be following some of the ideas presented in The New Evolution Diet (Arthur De Vany, PhD 2011 Rodale Inc. $25 at Borders in the US) blended with some of dietary concepts found in the Paleo Diet and I am adding the 100 Pushups ( to buff up my sagging pecks.

The regime we have decided on will feature at least 3 work outs per week and cutting out all refined sugars, dairy and flour, but most significantly I am going dry for 30 days. I need to find out if cutting out a simple glass of wine is a good thing or not; I doubt it but it is worth testing. The caveat here is that my job involves tasting wine, beer, and spirits almost daily; this I can not give up, but I will give up the lunch and dinner glasses as well as the social drinks on the weekends.

My expectations are simple – my gut gets reduced, my pecks gain in altitude, my aches go away or are at least significantly reduced, and my energy and focus increases. During this period I am also embarking on contributing to a book, drafting a presentation that I will be giving at Ideawave and at Social Media Camp 2011. If you want to follow along I will be posting nightly updates that will include what I ate and drank and did for a work out, my trials, cravings and if I feel that I am approaching any of my goals.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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