30 Day Lifestyle Challenge – Day 2 – Show Me The Money

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well that was a better day…. until this evening where I am really struggling to 1) stay awake and 2) not feed on every sugary, bread based material on the street.

Today was a better day in the sense that the intensity of the cravings had subsided a little bit. I am told that it will get better with every passing day.

One of the bi products of this product, as I see now, will likely be a reduction in the impulsive, small expenses that can easily kill a budget and long term goals.

As I result of only having a small espresso in the morning at home I estimate that I saved  about $10 today. In addition most of the food that I have purchased will do me for at least a week, which means that I will likely save at least another $30/week. Just multiply $40/week over the year and I have put $2080 in our pockets- that has to be enough for an iPad right honey?

I have to say that the flavours of each meal have been great. The only things that I have really cut out are breads, grains, sugar, dairy, potatoes, coffee, wine, beer, and I have added lots greater quantities of veggies, meat and fruit.

As I said I am tired as it feels like my body is starting to flush a bunch of unmentionables out of my system so I am going to end it here and see you all tomorrow.


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