30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 3

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

All of your predictions are coming true. My cravings are subsiding as is my intense hunger. That is until the evening arrives.

I usually leave the office by 6pm (no sense in leaving earlier as I would just be sitting in my car on the parking lot referred to as the Colwood Crawl). When I left I was just fine. Within 20 minutes I was famished. I know it was dinner time but the on set of hunger was incredibly fast and intense. My guess is that it must have something to do with relaxing. In the office it is a mile a minute, phones ringing, answering e-mails, developing strategic plans. My mind doesn’t quiet itself all day until I drive home.

As I write this the kids have gone to bed and the evening is slowing down; guess what I am hungry and quickly running out of energy. Is this apart of the mental part of the transition or is it physical? Is it simply my body changing the way it creates energy?

You know it hasn’t been so hard to drop the majority of my coffee intake. I have one shot of espresso in the morning and then 2 ginseng spaced throughout the day.

As for expenditures, I didn’t spend one dime today. That trend is not likely to continue but cutting out my love affair with a Brioche from Bev at Serious Coffee, my espresso’s in the afternoon and talking myself into a couple of cookies has proven an effective budgeting tool.

Oh yeah, I was asked today what food’s am I eating and the answer is pretty much anything except for sugar, processed foods, dairy, and grains which includes all breads. It is a blend of the program suggested in the Paleo diet and that suggested in the New Evolution Diet.

The other thing that I started doing is tracking my sleep. I do this with an app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle. Once you have set the alarm you place your phone face down under your pillow. The app measures and tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night. The alarm is based on the time you set the alarm for and your sleep patterns. The alarm is relative and will go off anytime 1/2 hour before the set time. This allows you to wake up and the moment that you are ready to. In the morning you can click on the stats and it will you a graph of your sleep patterns. What I am looking for is proof that I get a most restful sleep through a change in my lifestyle. I will report once I get past these first few days.


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