30 Day Liefstyle Challenge – Day 4 – Breakthrough?

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whew the day did not start out well, but is sure is ending well.

 Today started with a pounding headache at about 4am. It was the type that if you lie down or have your back against anything your head throbs like the worst hangover ever. The funny-ish thing about it is that I remember specifically thing I won’t having that kind of headache during these 30 days. I used to associate it with a general lack of hydration and the wrong food or 1 glass too many wine. Yesterday I had all the so-called ‘right’ foods and drank at least 2 litres of water through out the entire day and wine, beer or spirits did not touch my lips.

What made my reaction ever more curious was what cured it. I finally got out of bed and got some Advil at about 4:45am and went back to bed assuming that I would get relief in just a few minutes and sleep soundly through the rest of the night. I did get some relief but not enough to make me sleep. I dozed for a while and got up around 7am, had a shower and got some breakfast put together. My head was starting to throb again. Before starting in on the over easy eggs with pesto and protein shake, I had my espresso and almost within seconds my headache vanished. Once I was rid of the headache I regained my energy level and headed off to the office.

I didn’t feel the hunger sensation until around 11:30 which is a big step and I had the wonderful sensation that seemed to last all day, of better circulation. My hands and feet felt warm and my mind seemed clearer. I sure hope it had nothing to do with headache as I don’t want to do that again.

Before I was able to go and get some lunch (AJ’s Organic Cafe is a great place for eating strong by the way), I had a rather disturbing conversation with our distributor. Unfortunately for us it was our largest distributor and the only distributor allowed to service the vast majority of products that we and all liquor stores carry. My pulse was racing, face was red, and I am told that the veins on my face and neck were pulsating. I was incredulous as it was like having a conversation with someone refuting the fact that water is 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. It is a physical fact that is irrefutable but that didn’t bother the distributor.

Just prior to the nasty conversation I had a very productive conversation with the majority shareholder and general manager of the company. Recently we had what seemed to differing opinions on some marketing questions, but as we conversed it became clear that we were both going to the same place but using different ‘streets’ to get there. I think from both of our points of view it was very productive.

With the nasty conversation lingering in my mind I decided to take a walk, grab a bite and read my book in hopes of finding some zen-like attitude. As I write this, that decision is an anomaly for me. In the past I likely would written a strongly worded e-mail or developed a strategy that would provide some level of vindication, or, most probably, engaged in a ‘rant’ with my co-workers after which I would feel vindicated and they would likely feel anxious. I wonder if this had anything to do with the diet changes?

The other interesting thing that happened today is that I got better at describing what this challenge really is for me. I was asked what it was about and expressed it thusly: I understand that my diet was not the healthiest and that there is a commonly held beliefs as to what a healthy diet is. A healthy diet so improve my quality and longevity of life. Clearly over 30 days I won’t be able to tell about longevity, but I will be able to measure quality. Do things taste better? Am I more passionate?  Do I treat people better? Do I actually have more energy? Do I deal with negative events better?  Do I get more things done? Am I generally happier? The same measures would be put against a better exercise regime and changing some of my long held habits. Let’s face it, if I can’t answer yes to a least most of the things above then I probably had it pretty good before.

Yesterday I had mentioned that my energy level totally dropped as I was driving home, while my hunger rapidly became intense. I was very curious to see if the same would happen today as I did not snack, had a lighter breakfast and lunch, only took 1 ginseng today and was up at 4am. I am very surprised as I had and still have more energy and did not feel famished at all on the drive home. I felt the need to grab something to eat as I walked in the door, but I resisted as it seemed to be more a habit than real hunger.

I just looked at the number of words Ihave  just written; clearly my mind is a little clearer and I have a little more energy. So with that I am going to a do some reading I have been wanting to do.


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