30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 5 – Peaks & Valleys; Deep Valleys

January 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first Saturday of the challenge and it started off well.

The kids slept comfortably right through the night and as a direct result so did I. Ange slept at her grandmother’s house to keep her company while her grandfather recovers from a stroke at the hospital.

I popped right out of bed and felt energized to get the day rolling. I don’t know if it was just my perspective, but it seemed that we all awoke with smiles all round which is just the best way to start the day.

Ange got home just before I had to leave to take Grace, our eldest to swimming lessons. We tagged off and Grace I left.

As I watched Grace and read my book I found that it was easy to drown out the idle background chatter and to focus my attention. I didn’t feel easily distracted.

After Grace’s swimming class we had to go up to our Duncan store to drop some stuff off and pick up some other stuff that I was supposed to do the day before but could not given that awful accident on the TCH.

We were leaving Duncan at about 11am and I was starting to have my first hunger pangs. Normally, after eating breakfast at around 7am, I would get these around 10:30 and that would usually trigger a visit to our local coffee shop. I fought through the hunger and made all the way until 1pm when we sat down for lunch at Milestones.

Ange and I were idly chatting at she mentioned how exhausted she was, and for good reason. As I thought about this I found that although I didn’t have my mid-morning espresso like I normally do, I still had energy to burn. I wasn’t experiencing the caffiene/sugar crash that would happen every couple of hours. As we finished lunch I felt pretty good about myself and even had the idea that the rest of the challenge would be a breeze, that is until we walked past Cob’s bread in the Millstream Village.

I must have looked like those cartoon characters that are gently lifted and led away by the aromas of something delicious. I deeply inhaled the scent of baking cinnamon buns and that signified the start of the most difficult day, in terms of fighting cravings and sticking to the diet, that I have had yet. I could almost taste the moist cinnamony dough as it lovingly caressed my palate. I could smell every detail of the bun, the butter as it cuddled the raisins. The cream cheese icing as it stuck to my top lip. In the blink of an eye I imagined the whole experience.

From there my mind would turn to how much I wanted bread. We got home for a quiet afternoon of reading and general relaxing and every 2 minutes I was pacing through the kitchen almost breaking and diving into some cookies or even ice cream. I generally don’t like ice cream and told me how close I was to breaking.

In an effort to distract myself I thought I would sit down at the computer and do some of the work that I needed to catch up on. That worked for about 45 minutes, and then I paced through the kitchen. I decided to go have a shower, a  long, hot shower, in hopes that this would calm me. When I got out the kids were finishing up some popcorn. Salty, buttery, popcorn! AAAGH!  I went outside to the back garden and racked some of the leaves and pulled a few weeds and then Ange informed me the her and Grace were heading to the store to pick up a binder for Grace. This meant I had to go back inside.

Chloe wanted me to snuggle her on the couch as she watched a movie and for a little while this worked, in fact I almost fell asleep. Then she asked for her afternoon snack of Cheerios and my mouth started to water. Cheerios for god sake, what next?

Fortunately dinner (and it was great!) soon came and my stomach is full and I am okay right now, but I am already starting to think about what Sunday will be like. I’m thinking the neighbourhood needs pruning, or I could clean all the gutters, maybe paint the house if the sun comes out. Well it seems that I am already making it harder for me to succeed tomorrow, time to turn that around… if I can. Cheers

Note: As I mentioned dinner was excellent. Ange made a spaghetti sauce using fresh spices, ground organic free range Turkey from Slater’s, fresh tomatoes and put it over spaghetti squash. It was great.

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