30 Day Lifestyle Challenge – Days 6 & 7 No More Snore

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I didn’t blog yesterday and I probably should have mentioned that I’m going to take Sunday’s off. I need at least one day to re-charge my batteries.

When I left off last I was having a brutal time with cravings and hunger. That was on Saturday so for Sunday we planned to be really busy all day in the hopes, and on the assumption that always be distracted from gorging myself and breaking the integrity of the diet. It worked like a charm until about 4pm when we got home.

The sun was just starting to go down and I put on a fire and then the pangs started. They started out low and then started to grow (to steal a line from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas). By the time Ange informed that she would be skipping dinner (part of the New Evolution Diet; I will say more in a second), I was considering how tasty my quads might taste. Imagine my horror when she suggested that we both skip dinner. No! It wasn’t a good idea for me so she did and I wolfed down some roast chicken leftovers and a big bowl of mango, melon, orange and blueberry. Ahh that felt good.

The premise of the New Evolution Diet is to eat and exercise in a similar way to our ancestors of 10,000 years ago. The idea is that if our DNA stopped evolving then, it seems reasonable to assume that what our bodies most needed was the foods that we ate then and in a cycle by which they ate. Way back in those days we didn’t have 3 squares a day every day and it isn’t likely that we had regular meal times. The authors contention is that by skipping a meal every so often, eating essentially a paleo diet and exercising the way that life would have required then, the body burns and stores energy like it was designed to do. Fair enough, but let’s skip say dinner on Wednesday night or a meal on a day that life is so busy. You know the next time me and the guys go on a 4 day hunt for Mammoth or Sloths; I promise I will skip a meal on one of those days.

I was told by my accupuncturist/Chinese Medicine practitioner, to expect some crazy dreams as my body detoxes. Sunday night was a doozy, better than Avatar and involved me golfing for my life (literally if I lost the rest of my foursome would kill me), with a foursome in which everyone except me could see at night and had the power to change the shafts on my clubs into Willow tree branches. After a few holes and staring death directly in the face, although I couldn’t really see his face and that is how I knew I was dreaming, I decided I should wake myself up as the 19th hole was not shaping up to be the jovial post game show I usually have.

So without a lot of sleep I started my day. All four of us were sitting at the table when Ange blurts out “by the way the snoring has all but vanished.” Now I’m really messed up because I kept denying that I snored and now she has noticed I have stopped doing something that I never did. Trippy. Anyway Ange is sleeping much better and she attributes that to the lack of the heavenly nectar known as wine. We shall see as my plan is to have a great glass of wine on the evening of Feb 23 to celebrate completion of the 30 day challenge and the commencement of the next part- the re-introduction of certain foods.

This week will also see me start on a functional work-out as put together for me by the greatest personal trainer ever- my wife! The total workout is about 30 minutes long and I will do it starting Wednesday morning at 5:30am sharp.

 Tomorrow morning is the first day of week 2 to the 100 PushUps program. I can already feel that I am getting stronger and am able to do about double what I was doing on day 1. The program is 6 weeks in length and at the end of it I will be able to 100 PushUps without stopping- where’s the beach!

One last note before I go. I will weigh myself every Monday morning to see if I have shed any of those unwanted pounds. Last week at the start of the challenge you remember my weight was 195lbs; this morning it was 189. At this rate I will be a lean, mean, gaunt, sickly stick of a thing by the end of the 30 days.

Good night and see you tomorrow.

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