30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 9 & 10 – Food Hangover

February 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Fresh off of Day 8, all I could see in front of me was clear sky for the days ahead.

Day 9 had a tough start as I am a lot more out of shape than I thought I was. Ange had put a functional fitness or interval fitness routine together for me that we set up in the basement. By set up I mean put the medicine ball, physio, and Bosu ball in the main room of the basement.

There routine included 3 ‘warm up’ stations and 10 work out stations. Each station is a pair of exercises. One follows the other every 30 seconds for 2 minutes and then you have a 20 reprieve until the next station. It really doesn’t take much space other than in my lungs, which rapidly found out are a couple of sorry floppy things that don’t seem to hold enough oxygen when I need it most.

I got through most of the first part of the work out fine and then the stamina attained by sitting on my ass for 6 months kicked in and guided the way for me. By the time I hit station 7 & 8 I was gasping for air and experiencing a little nausea. I skipped stations and 9 & 10 and told myself that if I keep plugging away it will get better and better until it is a breeze.

After my stellar performance in the basement I carried on with my day. It was a pretty typical day that was filled with various meetings and telephone calls; really nothing of note. However after 5 o’clock I was in for a treat. Our eldest daughter and I were going to have a Daddy-Daughter night at the Salmon Kings game. I really relish these times as I know that they won’t last forever (she’s nine) and I love hearing the innocence in her voice as she tells about her day, her frustrations with Grade 4 math, and her random thoughts about the greater world. I understand that boys should never ever be naked. Imagine my jolt when she came out with this statement after 5 minutes of silence and as the Salmon Kings scored their 3rd goal of the game.

I composed myself and tried to settle all the horrible thoughts in my head and asked “Uhh what do you mean?” She looked up at me and said “I saw a statue of a sort-of-naked girl and thought girls have more to share than boys and nobody really wants to at look boys – there really isn’t anything to see.” Relief abounded in my heart and I held a chuckle under my breath and said “do you think they have chocolate bars here?”

I had been so good up to now but going to the game was my downfall. We arrived at the arena at about 6:20 and proceeded immediately to the concession as there was no line up and neither of us had much for dinner. Grace got a Hot Dog, lathered with mustard and some ketchup and the scent of it made my mouth water. I hesitated for a few moments but I eventually caved and got myself one to.

After chomping down on the dog and just before the game got started I suggested we get some popcorn. Now the wheels are coming off. We shared a big tub of salty, fake butter popcorn and it was good.

Over the night I had a hot dog, popcorn, a bottle of water, and a chocolate bar and what was strange is I didn’t once feel the need to get a beer. I saw lots of people around enjoying a brew, I could even smell it, but it never even crossed my mind to go all the way and add the beer to a litany of dietary transgressions.

As Day 10 dawned I felt like I had at least 10 beer the night before. My eyes were red and I was desperate for my morning espresso. I truly felt like a hangover with the key exception that it had passed by 9 am whereas most of my hangovers are not knock down, but I am dragging all day the next day.

As I write this I am looking at the stack of work I have to do before tomorrow, so I am going to sign off here and rejoin tomorrow for Day 11. Cheers

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