30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 11 & 12 Smile On My Soul

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has been 2 days since my last post and I am sorry about that, but I was just so damn tired yesterday.

You know how the new car smell of a new car goes away to you, yet other people get in your new car and they immediately smell it? That is what I am feeling right now.

I have spent the better part of two getting reacquainted with my bodies signals or language. At first my mind was focussed on the cravings and fighting through them as my body detoxed. Then I noticed a clarity of mind that seemed to guide me through the rough patch’s but also make many of the immediate challenges in my work and personal life that much clearer. As I got used to the clarity of mind I had a renewed energy and I harken back to the days where I was more entrepreneurial than I am today. I now find myself diving into tasks with a smile on my soul. However today I seemed to reach a plateau; the new car smell is not as present as it was two days ago. I think this is what made me so tired yesterday and earlier this evening. To continue with the car analogy, if you slow down shifting gears to a 48 hour process, I am in between gears right now and missing the torque of 2nd gear and not knowing what will happen with third gear… if I get there. It will really great if I can remain present 4th gear with out red  lining.

Ange and I had a great discussion today about our eating habits. At the core of the conversation was our long term eating plan, but if flushed out the base assumption of the Paleo diet and that of diets that include the Paleo but with the addition of grains and complex carbs like yams & sweet potatoes. During part of the conversation I mentioned that I felt that my body was giving clear threshold signals. For example I can eat a bunch of carrots, celery, cucumber and grape tomatoes and they taste great and it I hit a threshold where every bite beyond has a bitter flavour. The same goes meats, even wine. Have you ever noticed when you have a few glasses that there is a little signal that goes off in your head and that next glass is not a good idea? I have really only noticed this since being on this challenge, and I really hope the signals I am receiving are my body’s way or balancing my diet and perhaps, controlling portion sizes. Am I nuts or is this just one of the ways that weight falls off and health returns when eating the right diets for you?

From a simple craving point of view this weekend is going a little more smoothly than last weekend, except for the fact that I would have killed for a glass of wine to go with lamb and leeks tonight.

Anyway that is about it for today. I will write again on Day 14 as I am going to take Sunday off.

I would really appreciate any comments that you may have. Cheers

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