30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 15 & 16 Deep Sleep

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Time flies when you are having fun. Today was a pretty fun day. I got the chance to see a number of the friends that I have made through twitter. Always good to connect face to face.

It has now been over two weeks since I started this challenge and I believe that it is statistically significant to speak of my sleeping patterns. I tracked my sleep the week before I started and I have been tracking my sleep since. It seems that I am now getting more hours of deep or dream level sleep than before, but what will really be interesting is how my sleep changes when I add back into my diet. What I have eliminated from my diet that I believe affected my sleep the most is Bread, dairy, wine, beer and sugar. My plan is to maintain my fitness regime after the 30 days and introduce, one at a time, each of these things and measure my alertness, energy, and sleep patterns.

The other thing that I noticed to was during my lunch with my twitter friends. I was asked which wines I have been favouring lately and I had to tell everyone what I was doing. I found it curious that the dietary portion seemed to gain blank stares until I labelled the diet. Once I gave it a name everyone nodded and understood. I had said that it was a pretty liberal diet and simply eliminates grains, gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol, but that didn’t seem to register. Have we gotten to a point where a diet that has been carefully consider by a couple of individuals, carries no weight unless it is labelled by a current diet?

Well that is about it for now I will have more on Friday. Cheers

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