30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Day 17, 18 & 19.. maybe 19

February 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

My habits must be changing as I have completely lost track of what day of the challenge this is. I know my last post was for Days 15 & 16, but I just counted the days from Day 1 and I count 19 days. You know I could have lost track because I wasn’t posting everyday like I did at the beginning. Funny thing about habits…

Habits have a pace unique to themselves. You can identify that you have a habit, but you can’t really tell when it became a habit. Other than smoking or alcohol abuse the same is true for losing a habit. Take for instance the fact that I sign all my email with the word Cheers. I have the habit of substituting the work ‘cheers’ for thank you. I know I didn’t 10 years ago, but I am not sure when in those ten years it became a habit or even why.

That’s interesting why do some things stick and others don’t. I can want with all my heart to develop better saving habits, and yet I don’t. I know I could be far further ahead financially if I had developed better savings habits as a kid; even with that knowledge I don’t feel the compelling pull to make that change. Something just isn’t sticky about that at this point in my life. On the other hand something about saying Cheers instead of thank you was sticky. If I were to guess the reason why the adhesive quality of saving isn’t as sticky is because I don’t identify with it. I can’t picture me as a saver. I picture Scrooge and all sorts of crusty old figures as rabid savers and I don’t see myself that way. So it would follow that all I have to do it create the picture of the person I would like to be, apply the ‘saver’ ensemble and voila, eventually I would be a saver. That would work right?

I will answer my own question by saying ‘sure’. I mean this post and this challenge was about changing habits. Habits around eating, sleeping, drinking, and exercising. At the beginning I could tell you the hour of the specific day and now I have trouble remembering what day I am on. Let’s speak to eating habits first. I don’t when the change happened, but I am no longer conscious of what I am ordering in a restaurant or preparing for myself. I found myself making my breakfast without worrying about if I could eat a particular morsel or not. I unconsciously chose what I was to eat and it fit within the guidelines. For lunch I met a rep to go over some business. We met at a sushi place around the corner from my office and I promptly ordered the sashimi lunch with a green salad no dressing. Unconsciously no less.

I think the other way you know you have developed a habit is when you instinctively know that you have transgressed the habits barrier. For instance, yesterday I stupidly only had half a breakfast and a quarter of a lunch. By the time I picked up our youngest from school I was ready to eat my arm. We got in the door and she asked for chips. It was her snack time and I am a push over when it comes to my kids so I got her a bowl of chips. What I should have done was to get myself some nuts or a big glass of water before getting her chips as I was done for. After she toddled off with pony tail bounding down the stairs I threw open the cupboard and staring me in the face was a bag of Fudgee-o’s. I swear some ‘god-light’ was shinning on the package and angels were singing, so I did the obedient thing and maunged through an entire row of Fudgee-o’s. The second I swallowed the last crumbs angels singing turned into the devil laughing. I knew I had made a grave mistake. About 1 hour later I had the worst stomach ache, headache and dizziness. I felt hung over and this feeling lingered on this morning. That’s the thing, I knew it was wrong, but not because it was against the ‘challenge’ but because it felt wrong. That has to be a signal that a habit has either formed or is forming; don’t you think?

Anyway it has been a long day and a long week, so I will leave it there and post again tomorrow as it is Hockey Day in Canada and that should present some interesting eating challenges. Cheers… oops I did it again. Bye.

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