Saratoga Speedway

August 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is not often that I will write about a specific business. I prefer to write about the principles within, however sometimes the principles and the business match beautifully.

We spent the last week enjoying the final days of summer in a campground named Pacific Playground which is just south of Campbell River in an area known as Saratoga Beach. One of the attractions in the area are the go-karts at the Saratoga Speedway.

They are open from noon until 4pm and once you are on the go-kart you feel like you are racing Formula 1- this part is well worth the money ($10/10 laps). The drawback is the crusty old man that operates the go-karts. This old beast seems to feel that not only is he there to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and safety but also how to raise ones children.

Our eldest is not a speed demon. She enjoys the wind in her hair but has no desire to go beyond her comfort zone for extra speed. This seemed to irk Crusty, that is what I have named him, for he decided that she was going too slow and pulled her off the track after just a few laps. As it turns out there was a problem with her engine that prevented her from going any faster. Anyway my wife, Grace’s mother, pulled over to see what the problem was and Grace said she was done. Crusty walked her across the track back to the stands. He then proceeded to tell one of our group that Mommy was “coddling her and that there was no room for that here.” “Kids need to be pushed if they are going to be able to deal with the real world.”

I’m sorry pal but I don’t know who you think you are but if I wanted child rearing advice I’m certain that I wouldn’t venture to the Saratoga Speedway to get it. In fact I believe that I will no longer support your establishment during our annual homage to the beauty of the of the Comox Valley and Miracle Beach. Furthermore I believe that people need to know that you are brimming with unwanted advice for just $10. May I suggest that instead of advertising the go-karts, that you clearly state ‘Free Applied Parenting advice in action with a bonus 10 lap go-kart race for only $10 more.”

Your role, my friend,  is to insure that we safely got a return our entertainment dollar… Period!

Here is a link to their website and telephone number… by the way the voice you hear on the voicemail is Crusty’s.



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