How Much Further Can A Company/Product Grow?

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently have been faced with a new and different question. One that I never thought would ever be posed. Have we reached the limits of our companies growth?

I desperately want to emphatically say no as I believe we are so far away from truly being excellent. There are some many things that we can improve upon. However each of those improvements needs a rationale. If we do X what changes should we see? What un-intended consequences should be seen? What returns on investment should be gained? Yet is seems that every path we look at seems to come at the cost of current market share. Am I missing something?

Given the current BC liquor system we are forced to try and be everything to everyone and thus it seems that we are at a limit. Only if the whole system is on the same the playing field in terms of purchasing, promoting, distribution, zoning and data can the market further segment. This is my view. Again I will ask… am I missing something?

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