The Next Phase of Wine

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m sure that I will be shot down for this but who gives a shit about that when something so important is on the line.

Wine is like a child growing up; it goes through phases. I know that it will never stop growing as its pace of growth is generational instead of incremental. It is an every changing product in an every changing world with ever changing influences. Yet I can’t shake the feeling that we in the industry are not listening to those that will most influence the character of wine in the years to come.

We in the industry wrap ourselves in jargon in a desperate and noble desire to convey the aromas, flavours and textures of wine to anyone who wants to read or listen, however our words and voice, unless read or heard by those already seduced by the pleasures of wine, are most often met with quizzical faces.

Those that are…. (would you look at that, I was about to say un-initiated like it is a group or club worthy of going through  initiation stress) not as familiar with wine, make up the majority of the North American and Asian population. What they taste when they taste a wine is really dead simple; It’s great or it sucks. If we want wine to become as popular as, say beer, then we have to accept and build on more than the cerebral expression of the name of a flavour or aroma. I think… I want it to mean more because it does.

Wine has magic. You don’t have to actually see it to sense its magic. You can dismiss it and magically it has helped open doors, affirm feelings, and consummate relationships that lead to the next innovation, a new job, a new relationship or rekindling a current one. All of this happens without a descriptor, a discussion of terroir or vintages.

The Next Phase of Wine is yet to be discovered but my bet is that it will be lead by someone that today is saying “it tastes like… like wine.”

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