Spring Evening Spirit

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I believe that it is folly to take the moment out of the enjoyment of a beverage. Often the moment marries so completely with the beverage that the beverage tastes different, not necessarily not as good, than previously. If the moment is not as memorable then it is likely the beverage will be less memorable.

I had the good fortune to sit on my deck the last few evenings enjoying a spirit and it started me thinking about which spirits have been most enjoyable on a spring evening that still shows hints of winter on the wind.

As I looked into the past and enjoyed the present it struck me that on spring evenings I have enjoyed lighter spirits that feature more citrus or brisk fruit or herbal flavours.

Specifically I’m recommending Irish Whisky’s like Jamesons or Red Breast 12, Scotch such as Macallan 12, Glenfarclas 8, or Glen Garioich 12, just a small dram and a moment to enjoy life and all is good.

If you are not a whisky liker (if that is a word) then try Pisco which is a Chilean/Peruvian young brandy, or a light Cuban, Barbadian or Puerto Rican Rican rum. You could even go with a Silver or Platino Tequila or a Tuscan Grappa, but the trick is to have the citrus, tree fruit, fresh herbal flavours not weigh you down yet have the spirit warm you up. Just a few sips, some words with the breeze and the birds and all is right. I love those moments and each season has them.

If you have some favourites let me know as I would love to hear about them.

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