Speed Bumps of Creativity

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Speed bumps are everywhere and the biggest ones are those that exist only in our perception of the world.

I have been fascinated by people who have climbed artistic mountains to create amazing works of art, or athletes that endure hours of training and through it all have to keep the vision of the goal in mind. What makes them go the extra distance or spend the extra time on getting the brush strokes just right?

I started looking for answer to these questions by reading literature associated, listening to audiobooks on my way to work and by engaging with veterans of excellence through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In fact I at one point had the idea to write a book on the matter, but all that came crashing down today through the dovetailing of two un-related influences.

I have been listening to the Audiobook called Imagine by Jonah Lehrer which brings together the impressions of artistic geniuses of how creativity happens and the anatomical facts of the brain when creativity happens (I highly recommend the read). At the same time I engaged Ryder Hesjedal via YYJChat on twitter.

During the Twitter chat Ryder was asked about how to ride hills faster. His comment was simple “ride more hills.” Chapter 3 & 4 of Imagine deal with the mental state of creativity. In both cases the solution is to get over the mental speed bumps. Eliminate the excuses and you will achieve and/or create.

If the goal is true to you the every excuse is just a speed bump. Perhaps necessary to clear, but not a real impediment to achieving or creating.

With that I will feel that I have achieved the goal of authoring a book on creativity as it seemed an excuse for not creating something that is true to me. Here goes…

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