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August 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have now been in the beverage alcohol industry for 20 years. I have been a sales rep, sales manager, importer, category manager and now a retailer. The problems that retailers and suppliers ‘enjoy’ are the same now as they were 20 years ago. The fact is that no one has looked at the process and offered real solutions. It is those solutions that I have to offer after twenty years.

For suppliers – don’t guess at the market and don’t rely on ‘what the numbers say’. This is a relationship business. Test your proposition first and this means ask for real orders. A guess always leads to either out of stocks or having to reduce your price and neither improves your bottom line.

For retailers – ask yourself who is in charge. You are not in charge if all you do is give BDL (Labatts and Molsons) or the LDB your money each week. The fact is that they are in charge if this is what you do. You need, I stress need, to reduce your dependence on them in order to improve your bottom line or to maintain your current approach to business. There is more risk in ‘staying’ safe than ever before. You are guaranteed to lose by standing still and being okay with the status quo.

If you want specifics let me know ’cause I’m happy to share.

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