BC Liquor Review: Hoping

January 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m hoping that the government, policy writers, stakeholders ask one question when it comes to the plethora of rules and regulations surrounding BC’s Liquor Industry: Why?

The fact is that although there are hundreds of pages of law and documentation, BC’s Liquor industry is enveloped in millions of pages of policy. Often this policy has the opposite effect of its intention or it is in direct conflict with another policy.

If the threshold is truly public safety and revenue, then every policy should be put to that test. Why do we have this policy? Is there data to suggest that it is effective in insuring public safety? Is there truly a threat? Does the policy restrict the government’s ability to generate revenue or increase it?

When I talk to people about the liquor industry their eyes glaze over. Why because to have some understanding of the issues one must mentally walk through a quagmire of policy directives that often defy rationality.

The liquor review provides an opportunity to fix this, so I’m hoping that someone in government simply asks the question Why?

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