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Score: 9.0 – Best Buys2015/01/img_0649.jpg

Price: $9.99

About the Wine: The nose shows dried fruits, ripe red berry and delightful spicy, earthy tones. The palate is remarkably complex, complete and lively given the price. The texture is round and soft while the finish features figs and spice and is of medium length.

Value: When I have the choice, and I always do, I would choose Periquita over the likes of Copper Moon Malbec, Barefoot Shiraz and Naked Grape Merlot everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Periquita is a better match for food and a very enjoyable sipping wine, however my bias has always been to wines that show finesse and completeness over one-dimensional boozy juice bombs. I suggest you save yourself a buck or two over $11-12 California or Aussie reds and red blends.

Added Value: If you want to have some fun when the ‘foodies’ come over, stun them by serving this wine, asking what they think the price is and then showing them the bottle. I’ve done this at Brown Bag parties and it amazes people every time. This wine also shines for BBQ’s, Comfort Foods, Crowd Pleasers and Movie Nights.

More To The Story: Over my years as a buyer and importer I have come to find that the best wines values in the world are often not from the best known regions. Wine from the best known regions is a limited resource and therefore basic economics instead of quality, bumps the price up. However looking in the shadows of the celebrity regions often bears great fruit for a great price. Portugal is just such a place.

Nestled beside Spain and its superstar regions of Rioja and Ribero de Deuro is Portugal. Its most famous wine regions like Duoro, Dao, Alentejo do not enjoy much notoriety outside of the Cork Dork world, but in terms of wine value, that is a good thing.

Red table wines from Portugal have always offered incredible value and are one of the best buys on the market and the Periquita is a great example.

Service: Serve at room temperature and there is no need to worry about breathing this wine. Food wise, I love this wine with anything pork related, even a simple BLT. Grilled pork tenderloin seasoned with some cumin and paprika is not only simple but to die for with this wine.

Grapes: Castelao, Trincadeira, Aragonez

Store Section: Portugal

Appellation: Terras do Sabo

Available: BC Liquor Stores, Everything Wine, Liquor Depot, Metro Liquor, Beverly Corners Liquor Store, Firefly Wines & Ales

Buy Online/Delivered To Your Home: Liquor Depot, Everything Wine, Metro Liquor, Firefly Wines & Ales

Alcohol: 13.4%

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