Quiet New Year’s At Home

December 29, 2018 § Leave a comment

It has been years since we have gone out to a New Year’s party. We typically ere on the side of a quiet New Year’s at home where we enjoy a late meal of Lobster, Charcuterie, fresh veggies and some sort of dessert. If this sounds like you here are some Sparkling wines to celebrate a quiet New Year’s at Home.

I do love Champagne but at this time of year we have usually spent our New Year’s budget on Christmas, so let’s focus on some bubble that is special enough to match the evening but are not $60+/Bottle.


Cremant’s are sparkling wines made using the same methods as used in Champagne, but are made in other regions of France. I have soft spot for those made in the Alsace, referred to as Cremant D’Alsace. download (5)

My pick can only be found in private liquor stores by is well worth the effort to find – Zinck Cremant D’Alsace.

A wonderful blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this wine is super expressive. Biscuitty, fresh tree fruit, exuberant and truly loves food with nuanced flavours. Stick with seafood including shellfish, but a decent terrine and charcuterie plate will benefit from this wine. You will find wine at private retailers for anywhere between $25 and $30.


Second is a perennial favourite and can be found in most quality liquor stores, and even a few grocery stores now – Steller’s Jay Brut.download (7)

The Steller’s Jay Brut has long been a standard at our table around the holidays. Made in the same method as are Champagne’s this fizz sports truly BC flavours. Flavours from the orchard – pear, apple, hints of peach and strawberry. Pair with lighter fare and will work very very well with a charcuterie plate, prawns and fresh fruits. $22-$27.

Originally made by the legend Harry McWatter’s, a true pioneer and founding cornerstone of the BC Wine industry, it has been crazy consistent good through all it evolution. Originally made at the Hawthorne Mountain Winery which became Sumac Ridge and then was sold to wine giant Constellation Brands. I wish all wines could say the same.

Lastly is a truly versatile wine that is great on the pocket book, seductive on the palate and easy to find – Cordoniu Classico Cava.download (8)

I prefer Cava to Prosecco as there is a little more weight and complexity in the wines and they work with a broader range of foods. For instance Cava can easily work with a Pork dish from Aranda as with a seafood dish from Galicia. The Cordoniu Classico is likely not the best ever Cava, but in my opinion it punches above its weight and a little cheaper than many. You can find this at government stores at $14.99.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you have any questions or want specific pairings for what your New Year’s meal will have, let me know at dorkuncorked@gmail.com and I will give it a shot.


The Dork Uncorked



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