Castillo de Monseran 2014 Garnacha

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Castillo de Monseran GarnachaGrenache, or Garnacha, is a grape on the rise and that is good news for those seeking great wines but don’t want to sell the farm to do so.

Most famously Grenache is a key to Chateauneuf du Pape, but it is also the main grape in regions of Spain such as Calatayud and Carinena, and these are where some of the greatest buys are hailing from.

Garnacha is a late ripening grape that requires a lot of heat to reach its full potential, hence you will only find a few expressions grown in the very southern reaches of the Okanagan in BC.

Garnacha is truly a crowd pleaser grape. Dark juicy fruits of raspberry, plum and blackberry, low in tannin meaning very little pucker. The only challenge is keeping the acidity up in order to insure a balanced wine.

Crowd Pleaser is definitely the phrase I would use for the Castillo de Monseran. Dark juicy fruit, very soft and brilliant with casseroles, Mac N Cheese or Pizza.

Price ~ $8.99

Score ~ 7.3/10 Over Delivers

This wine scores high on the value meter and would have scored higher is there is a little more depth to it. Having said that as soon as I paired it with food it was brilliant.

If you haven’t added Garnacha to your repertoire of wines, this is a great one to start with and it won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

Grapes ~ 100% Garnacha

Store Section ~ Spain

Availability ~ available in both private and public stores.


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Monasterio de las Vina Reserva 2006

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Score: 8.4 – Over Delivers/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4dc/16438419/files/2015/01/img_0654.jpg

Price: $14.99

About the Wine: Reserva, in this case, means something and I like that. This wine has been barrel aged for at least 12 months and bottle aged for at least another 2 years given the vintage. The effect is to soften the rough edges that can be found in blends like this. The colour is deep ruby-red bordering on purple, while the nose is a cacophony red and purple fruits, spices, leather, herbs and purple flowers. The palate is complete as there are layers of flavours that unfold right from the attack through the mid-palate and the finish. The texture is firm but with soft edges; no hard angles. For the money this wine over delivers for the price. I didn’t give it a best buy because the wine lost its composure overnight and when I went back to it the next evening it wasn’t the same wine.

Value: There is a lot to this wine and it is well worth the $1 trade up from some of the $11-$14 wines on the market from California, Australia and Argentina. It is not for everyone so those looking for big generous gobs of fruit should look elsewhere. This wine is about finesse and nuances.

Added Value: All foodies take note of this wine. For you this is a Best Buy.

Service: Let this wine breathe for 20-30 minutes or run it through your Vinturi before enjoying. Have this with a big plate of paella, flat bread or small plates. It would be a mistake not to share this wine at the same table with others.

Grapes: Garnacha (Grenache), Tempranillo, Carinena

Store Section: Spain

Appellation: D.O. Carinena

Available: BC Liquor Stores, Everything Wine, Metro Liquor, Beverly Corners

Buy Online/Delivered To Your Door: Everything Wine, Metro Liquor

Alcohol: 13%



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