Paying For Unintended Consequences

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I started reading Jason Ripley’s study as the feasibility of privatization in BC. A couple of stats jumped out at me. The first was the number of transactions. He estimates about 38m transactions per year. The second was the value of health care costs that are not covered by current LDB income and are a direct result of irresponsible liquor consumption. I’m not clear, I will have to re-read the section, how he was able to state that $60m were not covered by the current net income of the LDB, regardless I might have an answer.

In the study he notes the positive effect that minimum pricing, if at the correct level, has on irresponsible consumption. He also notes on a number of occasions that problem consumption is attributed most at the low end of the price scale. Specifically the highest alcohol for the lowest price.

Here is the solution. The caveat is that it will require government to directly feed the income from this proposal to cover excess health care costs. Something, that up until now, they have been reluctant to do.

$60m divided by 38m is $1.58/ transaction. Apply this to every separate transaction and have the funds go directly to health care. This would be a flat charge that is applied to every transaction no matter the value.

I wonder if a study can ever be done on the unintended positive effects of moderate consumption.

Fab Five of Start Ups

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

For sometime I have wanted to start a little company that has at its core creativity. I envision this group being the Fab Five and what gets generated by this little company saves people time, money, allows people to get creative themselves, and generally improves the quality of life of thousands if not millions of people.

This group should bring different skill sets to the table and I believe that those need to be the following:
Technical – write programming
Graphical – put the vision(s) into easy to understand and attractive images.
Legal – ins and outs of copyright, establishing companies, etc.
Marketing – how to craft the vision(s) into messages that will appeal to the target market(s)
Leadership – focusses the group on the task(s) at hand and is capable of fulfilling the vision(s)
Financial/Accounting – insure that we are doing things profitably.

Notice that there is 6 skill sets but only 5 people. I know there is overlap and is by design as everyone should have an appreciation of the expertise of the experts.

What I want from each member of this group is a passion in the doing of their thing and passion for getting up in the morning and creating the day. I want someone that is passionate about accounting, that loves the doing of accounting. Same goes for programming, graphics, marketing and legal.

Each member will put in $1000 and this will establish the company of which the founders will own 75% of the company equally held by all members. This means that each founding member owns 15% of the company.

If you are out there and this sounds like the kind of thing that might just interest you, then let’s start talking.

My Vision of Me is….

April 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

What? That is the question that I have been asking myself recently. I fear that I have fallen in a realm where my vision for my life equates what national advertisers see for me.

I have been inspired and thrilled by reading Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Conversations with God, Making Sense of Michael Porter and Chip Conley’s Peak.

I would read a bit and, like an overlay, I would start to look at my life and my direction through the lens of the concepts provided.

Here is what I know.

I don’t wake up everyday and go to a job that truly fulfills. Parts do and every so often a vision will be shared that i love, but what I do each does not encircle and uplift my vision of me.

I can’t clearly stat a plan of action that I feel is uniquely mine, rather it feels borrowed.

My solution is to put ‘platforms’ against the barometer that is my soulmate and to write about them here. I’m pretty confident that at some point I will have distilled a vision that is mine, infectious and sees me leap out of bed every morning with energy and fire.

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