TintoNegro 2013 Malbec

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imagePrice: ~$13.99

Score: 7.8 – Over Delivers

As I strolled the aisles of the liquor store on a Saturday afternoon I came across this wine. What I was looking for was a Bonarda but in this store the Argentine red wine selection was limited to 30 Malbecs, 5 Cabs and 1 Syrah. Given that I was out of luck on the Bonarda, and dinner was fast approaching, I went looking for the wine that presented the best value for the money.What I mean by this is to find the wine with the best packaging, the highest accolades at the lowest price.

Ta Da! TintoNegro 2013 Malbec. At $13.99 and 90 Points from the Wine Advocate, the TintoNegro was the clear choice.

Tasting Notes Sipping: Deep dark purple, almost black in colour. The nose if brimming with a complex combination of dark berry and tree fruits, dark earth, leather and savoury herbs, that are at once bright and muscular. The palate big and boozy and full of power. The tongue is struck by the bold dark fruits wrapped in spicy leather… think of a spicy fruit leather.. without the big sugar. The finish is long, a bit boozy and brooding.

Tasting Notes with Food: This is a wine for a big thick steak. I particularly liked how this wine worked with a steak smothered in Montreal Steak spice. While sipping the fruit is somewhat muted, but with the steak and the spice the fruit shines through.

Value: For $13.99 you should buy this wine… perhaps by the case… assuming you like big boozy wines. If power and weight are key to your enjoyment, this offers both in spades and more so than most in this price point.

Added Value: This wine offers huge added value to BBQ’s and Comfort Foods. It also a nice choice for Date Nights.

Service: Twist off the cap and let breathe for about 30 minutes or run it through your Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator
a couple of times. It is not common to aerate or breathe a wine at this price, but this is a testament to the quality of this wine.

Grapes: Malbec

Store Section: Argentina

Appellation: Mendoza – The Mendoza appellation encompasses all the sub-appellations in the Mendoza area including the highly touted areas of Lujan de Cuyo and the Uco Valley.

Available: BC Liquor Stores

Alcohol: 13.5%

La Vuelta 2013 Malbec

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Score: 7.2 – Good Drop2015/01/img_0694.png

Price: $9.99

About the Wine: Your sniffer will immediately find a masculine wine. Lots of dark brooding aromas including, leather, black and blueberry compote, black pepper and clove spice. The palate is also quite brooding, almost like a big summer storm coming over a lake. Ripe to stewed black fruits, spicy leathery notes, a little hot/boozy which gives the wine a more voluptuous feel than it is. The finish is short, port like, lacking in tannins and a little boozy.

Value: This isn’t first time I have seen this wine. In fact it has been in the market before, but only available through private stores. The BC Liquor Stores have bought 300 cases of this wine for a January promotion called Savvy Shopper and I suspect they got a special price. At $9.99 I think it offers better value than perennial powerhouse Fincas Los Primos at $11.99. I also think it is a better, truer buy than Copper Moon, Naked Grape, Barefoot or Flip Flop Malbec (all priced at $9.99)

Added Value: For the month of January this wine has added value when having a big thick, Argentine-like steak or Comfort Foods like Mac N’ Cheese.

More To The Story: La Vuelta is made by one of the oldest wineries in Argentina. Bodega La Rural was established with the arrival of the first Italian immigrants to the Mendoza area of Western Argentina. I visited with them a few years back and tasted through their entire line, which were all clean and well made. What impressed me most was the winemaker. He had been crafting wines for Bodega La Rural for 20 years. Why is that important? Wine is an art that takes time to perfect. Of course there is the science of fermentation but wine is a living thing. Being able to craft a consistent quality product means understanding the land in a way that a book can not do. I liken it to a conversation with the grapes that is hosted by the vineyard and Mother Nature. It’s invitation only and invitations are hard to get it. Mariano di Paolo gets an invitation every year.

Service: Twist off the cap and let it roll. The tannins are very light so breathing won’t have much of an effect.

Grapes: Malbec

Store Section: Argentina

Appellation: Mendoza

Available: BC Liquor Stores

Alcohol: 13.5%

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