30 Day Lifestyle Challenge Days 13 & 14 – Image to Instinct

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Did any of you see the Super Bowl on Sunday. I did and as good as the game was I was constantly thinking beer, pizza, chips, the list goes on. I abstained but it reminded me of the post I did about a week ago.

It is remarkable how powerful the mental associations are when it comes to specific events. If you close your eyes and think of the Super Bowl what images come up? I can see the Budweiser Clydesdales, I picture a pizza being delivered and bowls of chips and munchies. As I was sitting there with my glass of water I was almost feeling guilty about not really being a part of the Super Bowl experience. These images have become instinct. How long and how often does an image have to be seen to be so deeply implanted in the brain that you feel guilt for the doing the ‘right’ thing?

Monday morning came remarkably early as Chloe came to bed at 3am and proceeded to recount her day to us until she finally fell asleep at 4am. By the time my eyes closed, it seemed, my alarm was going off to get up and work out. This work out was really good and I am now looking forward to Wednesday morning when I can do it again. Scratch that, I am looking forward to the point where I am working out almost everyday. Will I feel tired of be on the road to an endorphin addiction?

For those of you tracking this all by the numbers, today marks 14 days. At the beginning I weighed 195 and today I now weigh 184. I can now do 55 push ups in one session with a max of 25 in one set. I have ticked off 119 items of my task list, whereas on a normal week I would hit 65 or 70.

Thanks for reading this and I will see you tomorrow.

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